My dad has a picture of me as a 2 year old reaching up to take a strum on his old Les Paul. It was several years later when I got a guitar for myself, but I don't ever remember a time without being around music. My dad is a phenomenal musician and I guess I inherited that love from him. 

It blows my mind that I make a living being on stage in front of people, because I'm incredibly shy. If you and I were at the same party, you'd never meet me. Not because I'm a jerk and don't want to interact, but because I'm generally not socially agile enough to carry on a significant conversation with a stranger. For some reason, when I'm suited up with a guitar and have a room full of people, I become completely fearless. I suppose it's evidence that God has a spectacular sense of humor.

Bios, in general, are supposed to sell you on the story of an artist. As you can tell, I'm fairly ill-equipped to do that. I'm just as broken as you are. My story may have led me to share the stage with great musicians, release albums, and travel around with a band, but the only reason that I've accomplished anything that even resembles success in my life is because God has been very gracious to me. He's the source of everything good in my life. I really can't claim any of the responsibility... which seems rather unfortunate as I write this bio.

It really is my hope that you enjoy our music, that it points you toward Jesus, and that it makes you feel things deep in your soul that you might not otherwise have been able to articulate. I also hope that sometime soon, we get the chance to be friends, like "real life" friends who go to Denny's at 1am. Keeping that in mind, please be in touch. I hope we'll have an excuse to enjoy some coffee, sing songs, and swap stories together. 

Let's be friends, love God together, and be changed as a result.