If you've landed on this page, thanks for partnering with Dave Hassell Band. It's always humbling that anyone invites us to be part of their ministry. Let me say, sincerely, "thank you!"... But, seriously. Thanks.

In an effort to be the best we can be, we value your help in identifying our blind spots and our areas of success. That's what this brief survey is all about... It should take less than 3 minutes.  The questions below are entirely optional. Answer as many or as few as you feel comfortable.

This section is completely optional. If providing your name will prevent you from completing the survey honestly, then please feel free to remain anonymous.
Name (optional)
Name (optional)
Phone (optional)
Phone (optional)
If you had a particularly good or bad experience with Dave Hassell Band and would like to be contacted concerning you survey answers, please leave your phone number.
Administrative Questions
This section is designed to help us become more professional from an administrative standpoint.
My experiencing in booking Dave Hassell Band was a smooth and easy transaction.
I received ministry agreements, technical information, and promotional material for my event in a timely manner.
I think Dave Hassell Band charged an appropriate amount of money for my event.
Stage Questions
This section is designed to help Dave Hassell Band become better leaders from the stage.
Dave Hassell Band authentically led our people in worship.
Dave Hassell Band performed professionally from the stage for my event.
Dave Hassell Band made reasonable technical requests for my event.
Ministry Questions
This section is designed to help Dave Hassell Band become better ministers.
Dave Hassell Band found quality time with the people of my event.
Dave Hassell Band encouraged and challenged the people of my event in their relationship with God.
Dave Hassell Band demonstrated sound doctrine and accurate theology at my event.
Other Questions
This is the section of stuff that we'd like to know, but couldn't bundle easily together.
I had an overall excellent experience with Dave Hassell Band.
I intend to book Dave Hassell Band again in the future.
I intend to recommend Dave Hassell Band to others.